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About Us

G-TAC Firearms Training takes a comprehensive approach to firearms education, providing a variety of training classes tailored to diverse skill levels and requirements. Whether you're looking to obtain a Connecticut Pistol Permit through our basic pistol classes or seeking advanced skill development opportunities, we offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Our Services

About Me.

I am a US Army Veteran of 9 years

Was a volunteer firefighter and EMT for over 20 years.

Trained EMT and Firefighter candidates.

CCDL Member

USPSA Member

GOA Member

IDPA Member

NRA Member

Fully Insured by FTA Protect

Featured on Tactical Hyve  (GTAC Firearms Training | Tactical Hyve)

Current Certifications / Training

  • USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor

  • USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense

  • Attended Sig Sauer Handgun Classes

    • 101 - Foundation of Handgun Skills & Safety

    • 102 - The importance of proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, trigger control, and follow through

    • 103 - This intensive one-day class builds upon and refines the skill sets previously established in Handgun 102 while also introducing shooters to new drills, cutting edge concepts, and core shooting principles.

    • 104​ - Is a fast-paced course with one common objective: surviving a deadly force encounter armed with a handgun.

  • Hyper Accuracy Training​

  • Managing Recoil Training

  • Adjusting for Distance Training

  • Speed Course

  • Pistol 2 - Advanced Pistol Course

  • Carbine Training


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